Camp Forktail Creek 2012 - All Rights Reserved.
Camp Forktail Creek is a forest home to Minakshi Pandey & Ritish Suri. It was established in 2000 and is located on the north eastern periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve (in north-west India), amidst dense Sal forests, tucked away in the corner of a small Kumaoni village called Bhakrakot.

After 12 glorious years of sharing our slice of paradise, we have decided to take a break and just enjoy being here. This break would not have been possible without everybody’s help over all these years.

Our thank you, to each one of you, for visiting us, appreciating our work and following us through the years.

Under the brand name Avisfera Adventures (‘avis’ meaning birds and ‘fera’ meaning wild animals, in Latin), which many of you may already have heard of, we will still be visiting and exploring some of our favorite forests. There are plans to explore exciting places; some new, some old.

If you are interested on updates from us please write to

Should you wish to contact Minakshi or Ritish, directly, please write to

Till then, stay well and be in touch.

Camp Fire Area In Morning
Camp in the monsoon
Deck Chairs
Dining at the Thatch
Exterior Large Mud Hut.
Exterior Large Mud Hut
Fine dining
Furniture made from waste wood
Hut Interior
Hut Interior1
Hut Interiors 6
Hut Side View
Machan 5
Machan (Library)
Mud Hut Bath 2
Mud Hut Exterior 1
Mud Hut Exteriors 2
Outside the Thatch (2)
Small Mud Hut
Thatch (2)
The Machan
The Machan 1
Under the Machan
View from Barbet
View from the hut
Walk around Camp